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My Attempt on Lee Hyori - Bad Girls Inspired Makeup

Hehe. Hello again guys :D Iseng nih, kemarin coba-coba recreate makeup-nya Sexy Queen from Korea, Lee Hyori. I was attracted by her bold makeup both in her MV and live performances.
Well you can watch the full MV of her here, love the song also, it's so damn catchy.

I don't know why but I always love bold makeups so I feel that I need to challenge myself to this look also.
So, what look I actually up to? it is this look:

But I did it only for fun, again, as I always said, don't expect too much for the result.
Because I'm not that pretty, not that professional, not that good or whatever you call that.
I'm just doing it for fun, plus this is an inspired makeup, so don't expect a totally same result. hehe

Because I might turn out like............... this:

ehehhehe this is the little Hyori on the MV :p

So I hope you guys enjoy this post, and let's get started!

First of all, there are three points of her makeup that we need to focus on, they are:

so we will start of with a bare face, please mind my acne dark spots ~.~
then with a cream shading color or powder, you can use anything, put on the color like so, using a conventional contouring technique, you can just apply it to your temples, hollow of your cheeks, and jaw area. I'm using Elf Cool Bronzers for the darker shading. for the center area, I'm using Revlon Colorstay Foundation and Elf Tone Correcting Concealer. blend all the colors together to make it look natural. and set it with a powder, especially to the darker area.

Then we can proceed to the eye makeup. As we can see, Hyori's rockin a super skinny black eyebrows on the video, which can make on's face look super sexy. But I originally have a thick brows so I don't do anything to it, I just fill in the sparse area. Here is the mini tutorial of the eye makeup:

Hyori even uses double eyelashes, to make it look more dramatic. but I don't have two pair of the volumer lashes, so I only use one pair of lashes.

For the lips, I use the berry tone matte lipstick, since Hyori's also rockin a bold lipstick in the video. I used Revlon Matte Lipstick in 009 Fabulous Fig which is quite dark for me. but when I first applied it, I think this is not dark enough. So I take my eye shadow palette, and I pat on a black eye shadow on top of it and blend them together. Yes, I used a black eye shadow to my lips. hehe since I don't own any dark brown lipstick like Hyori wears in the vid.

Actually, this eye makeup can go all the way to any color of lipsticks, like Hyori does in these look she had:

so you can rockin a nude, bold red lips or even a really dark lips with this eye makeup. it's really up to you!
and finally, here is the final look, my interpretation of Hyori's makeup in Bad Girls MV

I had so much fun doing this look, and I hope this could inspired you guys too for having a different look after reading this post. I think it is so fun to try, and hyori is soooo sexy as hell.

For you guys who want a detail information of this makeup look. I have this link of the makeup tutorial straight form the creator of this makeup. it's Hyori's real makeup artist. It is subbed in English so you guys can learn the how-to perfectly ^^ like I did. hehe

Oh yes, I actually cut my long hair off ~.~ I don't know, I think I feel that it is too ribet for me having a super long hair like the one I have in my previous post these days, so I decided to cut it off. hehehehe WELL HELLO SHORT HAIR!!!

Well I hope you guys have a great day and thank you so much for taking your time visiting my blog post, hope you guys enjoy and see you on my next post <3

all hyori's gifs are from:

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18 Responses to "My Attempt on Lee Hyori - Bad Girls Inspired Makeup"

  1. tutorialnya kereen :D sayang kurang garang aja tampangnya hehe xD

    1. aaakk masih jauh dr bagus itu maaah >,<
      aku ga bisa tampang garang kayaknya, bisanya jutek hahahaa
      thank you cantikkuuuu <3

  2. ihiiiyy.. kurang bold aja say. bikin tutorial lagi dooong.. suka deh sama tutorial kamu :3

    1. aaaaaakkkk thank you kiii >,<
      I will, kalo nanti banyak waktunya pasti bikin lg
      thank you so much cantik :')

  3. omoooo i love the way you do the contouring! awsum indeed, aku ga bisa contour since my face seems like filled with cheeks only -_-
    nice tutorial dear <3

    1. LOL me toooooo XDDD pipiku juga tembem sekalihhhh
      practice makes perfect dear, aku masih jauh dr bagus --"
      thank you for stopping by cantik <3

  4. she is so gorgeous.. aku suka banget makeup bad girl sm miss korea nya.. pengen bikin tutorial nya juga.. hihi..
    you did a great job with the shading ^^

    1. ih ayoooo bikin dooong, versi kamu pasti jauh lebih bagus >,< can't wait to see it, bikin yaa :3
      aw thank you so much my beautiful korean girl :") hehe

  5. she is soooo hottt....and you pretty lady toooo...cocok deh makeupnya yet still it!
    thanks for the support on my YT and thx for the comment yaaa....
    peachy2 colors lipstick pasti cocok ama dirimu say...dicoba!=D

    1. she is kak, she's so sexy in this music video love it so much
      aw you make me flattered :'3 thank you so much kakak I'm not that good actually hehe
      thank you kakak <3

  6. tampangnya lee hyori agak ngeselin gr2 alisnya apa lg itu bocah -.- hahahhaha!
    harusnya pake lipstick merahh yessss, biar lebih haummmm lol

    1. ahahhaa iya kak itu alisnya ekstrim banget
      duh kak, emang akunya juga sih susah pose haummmm-nya itu XD

  7. jadinya se-sexy lee hyori, hehe. :D
    nice tutorial kak, aku malah gabisa shading2 gitu. jadinya mukaku coklat semua ._.

    1. awww thank you sayang :') I'm not that good, actually.
      aku juga ga bisa tau, apalagi mukaku bulat, tapi practice makes perfect say
      maacih ya <3

  8. Nice post dear, bagus kok, cuma emang kurang garang dan kurang merah hihi.. Semangat2. Bagus banget terinspirasi bikin tutorial giniann... Like it!

    1. aaaakkkkkk melssss, cannot do a fierce pose nih akuhhhhh XD maapkaaaan~
      hihi thanks meeeels <3

  9. Hi!
    Thank you for visiting my blog! :D
    I LOVEEEE THIS LOOK!! I LOVEEE Lee Hyori too!! hehe.


    1. Hi. thank you too :D
      glad to know you like it <3