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Geo Princess Mimi Almond Circle Lenses Review~

Hello Again ladieeees~~~~~
I'm back again with another review post!
Well this time is a circle lens from GEO, the Princess Mimi Series in Almond brown.
Actually, this is my second time buying circle lenses, I once wear a circle lenses and I forgot what the brand is, all I remember is that the lenses are super uncomfortable! I was afraid to wear circle lenses since then :( and end up using regular lenses, the diameter also not too big, only 14,2 mm, not bigger than that.
Setelah gather up my courage to buy a circle lenses again, I decided to buy these lenses because I saw many bloggers and youtubers reviewed about it and it seems quite nice. So here I am, writing a review about it because I finally bought it LOL

Let's begin, shall we??

So here are some pictures of how I received my package for the first time, you can actually see there where I bought these lenses, and this online shop review: the owner is really really nice, I'm not even lying. she's really nice so I really satisfied with the service she gave to the customer, if you're interested in buying some, you can refer to the picture below:

they gave me a container too!
So when you open the box, you get a pair of vials there and you have to open it carefully to get the lenses, I will make a post of how to open the vials and store the lenses in here (will update later~)
Lenses ini banyak ukuran minusnya atau kalau mata kalian normal juga ada, so you can just ask the seller of your choice. like mine, gue minus 3 ( yes I knoooow. it's terrible :'[ ) dan ada untuk ukuran segitu, I'm so happy.

made in Korea, 2017 and the diameter, 14.5 mm

yes baby, minus 3 :(
Like that, you can actually see the bottle is soooo tiny, it's so cute. di bagian depannya, bisa diliat ada sticker GEO yang menandakan lensesnya asli. sebenernya gitu aja udah cukup, tapi kalo belum yakin lagi asli apa engganya, here, I got some information for you guys. coba cari sticker GEOnya, lalu boleh digosok pelan-pelan bagian stickernya sehingga muncul kode kode seperti berikut:

untuk yg belum tau, kita bisa ngecek keaslian lenses yang kita terima lewat website resminya GEO medical. I checked mine too, and here are the screencaps if you wanna see :D

Go to or any GEO web yang menyediakan informasi yang lengkap, lalu cari informasi tentang ANTI-FAKE check.. maka kalian akan terdirect langsung ke web resmi GEO untuk melihat keaslian lenses yang kalian terima. kalo terbukti palsu, uang kalian 100% kembali looooh~

Setelah diketik, klik Anti-Fake and..............

Oke, setelah terbukti aman, yuk segera dipake aja lenses nya, horeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~~~~~~~
atas - bawah: bare eyes, half eyes, both eyes wearing the lenses in daylight lighting
atas - bawah : half eyes, both eyes (delayed flash lighting), bare eyes (daylight lighting)
Well I think I won't afraid to wear circle lenses again from now on! I found these lenses are super comfortable <3 I mean it~~~~~~ So here are my conclusion:

Enlargement: 5/5
As you guys can see, it really makes my eyes look zupadupa big! and dolly, but still look natural, gak aneh atau apapun, so I think these lenses are okay if you want to achieve any ulzzang/gyaru look
Comfort: 4/5
I found these lenses sooo comfort than the one I tried before. it really moist and hydrated when you put it in your eyes, but my eyes are sensitive, so I can only wear this for approx 5 hours because my eyes are kinda feel itchy longer than that..
Colour: 5/5
I loooooove the color on me, though. it's super natural, udah lama pengen beli circle lens yg warnanya gak terlalu jreng, karena selama ini gue selalu beli warna grey, so I feel these lenses are my fave, karena brown-nya nyatu banget sama warna asli mata gue, as you can see there
Over all: 5/5

store them in a container
Well that's it guys, I think these lenses are my current fave though. I could wear them almost everyday. and I was tempted to buy another one :P hahaha
Hope you guys enjoy this post and please do not hesitate to drop some love and feedback ont he comment section below, I really appreciate it <3 see you in my next post really soon~~~~~~

Disclaimer: I'm not paid to do all this review. These are all based on my own opinion. The products may react differently to other people. So don't take it too personal, guys :D I'm just sharing my thoughts on these product, thank you! xoxo -ayes

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14 Responses to "Geo Princess Mimi Almond Circle Lenses Review~"

  1. Aku blom punya Mimi yg versi ini, thanks ya reviewnya. Gonna buy it soon ^^~

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    Karina Dinda R. ♥

    1. thank you so much for reading, go ahead try it <3

  2. ini lens favoritku duluuu tp aku ga repurchase krn gatel pengen nyoba lens lain XD

    1. iyaaa aku abis pake yg ini jadi ketagihan sama geo, nyaman parah sih, pake seharian juga oke2 aja rin yaaa >,<

  3. Great review, thanks for sharing it here !

    i like the way you present your blog post.

    I will visit your blog more often

    Just for your info. you can also check out for more exciting brand colored circle lenses.

    Enjoy and stay pretty : )


    1. awwwww thank you so much sayang <3
      your compliments make me flattered so much hihi
      I love your blog too <3

  4. nice review~ ini lens favorit ku juga hihi <3

    1. hihi thank you so much for reading sayang <3

  5. Aku juga sukaa mimi almondddd, suka smuaa yang mimi & bambi series <3

    1. iya kak aku juga jadi pengen coba warna lain slain ini hihi abu2nya oke kali yaa <3

  6. warnanya cantik..apalagi coklat warna favoritku. di matanya kak ayes jatuhnya natural, bagus gitu... >.<
    sayangnya sampe sekarang masih belum nyaman make lens, atau karena lensnya yang emang ga comfortable ._.

    1. mungkin aja say antara kedua itu, aku juga dulu sempet trauma pake circle lens, soalnya yg aku beli gak nyaman, tp alhamdulillah yg ini nyaman bangeeeeet >,< maacih ya dev <3

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    1. aw tahnk you so much for such a lovely comment <3
      really appreciate it
      yes I will check the link too, thankyou so much :D