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Review : NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk

Hi girlllllssss I'm back with a new post! As usual, another drugstore brand this time. The most affordable with great quality brand, NYX. I'm pretty sure that most of you reading here, bloggers or those whose into makeup know this product already. Yes, it is the Jumbo Eye Pencil collection. I got mine in the shade 604 MILK. Let's just go to the in depth review, shall we?

Well, all I can say from this product is an all in one item. Because it is very useful in any kind of situation. I know this might be a holy grail product for some of you girls. Because first, it is super handy plus it is a multifunctional product. If we take a look at its packaging, it's a simple big fat pencil with a transparent caps on it. The color of the packaging represents the color you'll get when you swatch the pencil inside it. You can also easily see the color of the pencil bullet straight from the transparent caps. It is super light [5gr] and slim, so you can just put it in your makeup bag without being annoyed.

The texture of this pencil is really really creamy. It glides on super smoothly when you use it. You can easily smudge the creamy texture and blends it well with the warmth of your finger so it sinks perfectly to your skin if you want. 

super light and handy!
The color is super super super pigmented! One stroke, and you got the exact color like what you see from the bullet. No need any other products to make the color appear vibrant already. And it also has matte finish, for this shade. No shimmer, no glitter, just flat matte finish. 

NYX has tons of colors regarding this Jumbo Eye Pencil (JEP). from neutrals to bright colors. You can see the whole collection of JEP colors in the official website of NYX [] They have over 30 choices of colors! Can you believe that?? And it all have different type of finish, starting form matte, silky, stain, and glittery finish.

So I did mention above that this product is multifunctional. I said so, because you can use this pencil for different purposes. For me, myself. I personally have three ways to use this product

1. As an Eyeshadow : This color is really beautiful for browbones and inner tear duct to brightens up the eyes
2. As an Eyeliner: I usually use this pencil to my lower water line to make my eyes look bigger
3. As an Eyeshadow Base: I use this before applying my eyeshadow to make a sticky base for my eyeshadow and make the color to look more vibrant!

See?? Three different purposes on a single products! how can I not love this JEP then <3

When you look at the pencil, you can see that it is actually made of plastic at the first glance. But I read some of reviews, that some of the pencil are made of pure wood. But in my case, I got mine wrapped in plastic kind of material.

when you see the pencil, it looks like its made from a plastic kind of material 0_0
To be honest, for the first time I was so confused of how I should sharpened the pencil if I have to. Because it is plastic! how the hell am I supposed to sharpened a plastic. Must be really hard. But when I googled it, it turns out that the plastic material used for this pencil is the one that can be sharpened. So thank God! No need to worry anymore! I just need the right size of sharpener and go ahead sharpened the pencil as usual. But be careful not to forcefully putting the pencil into the sharpener because as we all know, the bullet of the pencil is super super creamy, it can melt down inside your sharpener and it can make the sharpener not working best in the future.

Once I watched a video on how to depot these pencils in a jar. If you're not comfortable by sharpening it all the time, think it's going to waste more of the products, you can just melt the pencil bullet by heating the pencil with a hairdryer. To see more about the depoting process you can watch this video:

Well I think that is all about my review of this JEP from NYX. Over all I love it so so much, this is my go to tools for makeup for its multifunctional puposes. I got this online, but you can just go to NYX stores near you and pay about IDR 50.000-60.000 for one pencil. Super affordable for the color pigmentation and you can just use it for a quite long time.

Have you tried one of these NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils?? What color do you like? Comment below and share your thoughts with me! see you soon on my next post, bye~~~~

Disclaimer: I'm not paid to do all this review. These are all based on my own opinion. The products may react differently to other people. So don't take it too personal, guys :D I'm just sharing my thoughts on these product, thank you! xoxo -ayes

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8 Responses to "Review : NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk"

  1. aaaaa aku naksirr ini syg bgt seringny dateng ke counter slalu khabisan

  2. Oh it's really affordable! I think I'm going to give it a try. I've read so many reviews years ago but I've never bought it! I remember a French Youtuber who heat this jumbo pen in the microwave because she said it was more practical to have the product in a jar. But as yours is in plastic, maybe it won't be a good idea ;p

  3. belum pernah nyoba ini padahal nih produk ngehip banget, kayaknya bagus nih warnanya pigmented banget. staying powernya bagus ga kak?

  4. hai dear.. mw tanya yah, beli rautannya dmn ya?

  5. gak pake mkir aku langsung masukin ini ke wishlist! :D

  6. Aku baru punya yang itemmmm. Pengen juga yang putih, tapi nyarinya susah banget deh. Banyak OS yang kosong kadang T_T
    Nice review saiii ^_^

  7. Aku baru aja order ini di zalora ga sabar pengen buru2 icip hihihi, sebelumnya aku pake rectractable yg silver. Nyx emang kece hihihi