Sunday, December 15, 2013

Which Beauty Gurus 'Represent' YOU The Most??

I know you guys do enjoy your free time to watch youtube videos. Well, since you clicked my blog, means we might share the same interest, makeup. Which also means maybe most of you reading this enjoy watching beauty videos on youtube too. Am I right?? hehe Because I myself enjoy my free time watching beauty videos the most after writing on my blog. And for that, I made this post for fun. Ready??

Have you ever got that feeling, when you watch a video or videos from a person, you feel that 'oh this is so helpful to me' 'oh, she has this similar eye shape to mine!' or something like that? Well that is happen to me when I actually watch beauty videos from particular people. I know this might happen to you guys too, right? Because let's just be real, every single thing in human features are different from each other, right?? So sometimes I think when I watch beauty videos, I cannot exactly apply some people's tricks on how they apply their makeups.

For example, the eye shapes of Caucasian and Asian are somewhat different. Although the whole concept or principal of applying makeup are mostly the same from time to time, but it makes me feel more comfortable to watch is the one that has similar features with mine. Especially for eye shape like mine, with almond eye shape and somewhat hooded for asian eyes, the trick to apply the eyeshadow is can be different. So I have some beauty gurus which I look up the most, and I sometimes reflect myself to them [as how will the makeup turn out to me when I apply it like what they did] to help me got this thought about the how will makeup look like to me later on.

So here are my fivemost  favorite beauty gurus on Youtube. I learn a lot from them. Let's get started, shall we??

1. Angel from Beautyfimeeh

As we all know, Korean makeup is now a huge hit nowadays. So the existence of Angel onnie's channel on youtube is one of the most crucial ones for korean makeup lovers out there. Angel onnie gives these awesome tricks on how to do makeups like most Korean girls do. Even the fashion, skin care and hair do. 

Aside from the Korean trend, I love watching Angel onnie because of her sophisticated and elegan makeup tutorials that I could follow along, since I have this small lids space with me also. hehe She has tons of amazing videos, vlog videos along with her husband Aiden oppa and her son, Yunwoo. So make sure to check out her channel and subscribe to Angel onnie on Youtube!

Well here are some screen caps by me of Angel onnie videos, and above is the still cut of my current beauty videos from onnie. It's the bright red lips makeup tutorial, Angel onnie looks super pretty in this video. lovely! below, more caps of her video collection:

2. Jackie from JaaackJack

Isn't she lovely?? Once I watched her video, I feel like 'omg! this is what I've been looking for!' she has tons of very very very helpful tutorial for me because my eyes are quite similar to hers! I got these typical asian eyes with small lids space and slightly hooded. you know it is somewhat annoying for me because when I applied eyeshadow on my lids, it sometimes didn't show up well because of the contour of my eyes! So then I found Jackie on Youtube with her awesome tricks!

Jackie has tonssss of useful and interesting videos to watch. Videos that I would never imagine about. for example, a video on how to apply falsies and how different kinds of falsies could create different feelings when you put them on. clap clap clap. I really really thankful for her to create those interesting videos and so easy to follow.

She has this cheerful and bubbly personality that will give you smile on your face whenever you watch her. She also has this vlog channel for those who want to know more about her in her daily life, so make sure to check that out too. more caps of her video collection below:

3. Christine from Xteeener

I also got this 'omg omg omg this is the exact tutorial I've been lookin for!' feeling when I found her video! Her videos are really really helpful for me personaly. since I also got this feeling that my eyes are somewhat similar to her. And the looks she created are always fun and easy to follow. Videos that I exactly need. She created fun looks for everyday makeup, work even night out. But they're still wearable and easy to follow! 

Oh, and one thing I love from her is, she loves to use drugstore products on her tutorial. OMG OMG she's just perfect. I also could imagine how the colors she created turns out on me because she also has this black hair and brown eyes. All I can say is her videos are super helpful for me.

She also uploads tons of video regarding fashion and makeup related videos which is really fun to watch! so make sure yourself to subscribe to her channel if you haven't. she also has this vlog channel, but not as actively uploaded as her makeup channel. more caption below:

4. Noe from Colorismyweapon

Once I found her video, I really really like it because it is really fun to watch. she made the video looks really interesting and not boring. for the shake of my asian eyes, so I mostly subscribe to gurus that also have asian shaped eyes. Especially those from Philippine, Thailand, Taiwan, Vietnam, Japan and others. So Noe is one of them! She's a lovely Filipino girl who creates many interesting videos of beauty tutorials on youtube <3

See? She is super pretty, no words needed. She is so talented in playing with color and trying different looks. I always looking forward for new videos of her every week. She also has those collaboration videos with other beauty gurus which is really fun to watch.

Don't you just love her eyebrows shape?? It's really neat and lovely. Her skin is super flawless oh my God so jelly jelly Miss Noe T~~~~T so make sure to subscribe to her channel and below is another caps on her video collection:

5. Judy from ItsJudyTime

OMG I LOOOOVE LOOOVE THIS WOMAN! omg she has this genuine heart and the most lovely woman I found on youtube. I really really look up to her. She also has tons of interesting beauty videos on her channel and it all wonderful. She is honest about her feeling when she told us about a product, since she has tons of first impression video of products on her channel. She also often uploads tutorials on hair do which is easy to follow. She's a complete package for me.

The special thing about her is [aside from we have the same real name, Judith :P], she has this vlog channel called ItsJudysLife which she updates everyday!! can you believe that?? a video each day, can you imagine how much video she has already?? And can you believe I watch every single of it everyday? Gosh.... I feel like I am part of her family already through youtube lol lol She has this handsome husband named Benji and a daughter named Julianna and now she's pregnant with twins! Can you believe how interesting will the vlog be later on when the twins born?? I just can't wait!

I really really recommend you her channel to subscribe! Especially when you need more infos on particular products cause Judy uploads them a lot. And guess what?? She's currently launched her own makeup palette under BH cosmetics last Dec 7th!! OMG OMG OMG I really excited to get mine already, I already ordered one and cannot wait to get it on my hand this January, hopefully! So make sure to watch her videos as seen below:

Judy's every day vlog channel. They're currently doing this #dancember event to actually gain money for charity before this Christmas so it is really fun to watch. oh I cannot resist Julianna's cuteness!

Well that is all I can say about my favorite youtube gurus, which I can also say that they reflect me the most and I look up to them in many ways. It's really hard to actually picked these top five of gurus since I subscribe to tonsssss of gurus from different background on youtube! Well I'm havin so much fun writing this post, hope you guys also enjoy reading this post, for fun. Oh, I also want to know your version of the top five beauty gurus [esp the one who reflect you the most]! Who are they?? Please share it down below on the comment box! thank you so much for your attention and see you on my next post!
xoxo - ayes

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11 Responses to "Which Beauty Gurus 'Represent' YOU The Most??"

  1. klo aq michelle phan, pixiwoo, apalagi yahh kyknya baru itu aja deh heheh

  2. kalo aku suka michelle phan, pixiwoo, from head to toe :)

  3. Ow thanks ya share beauty guru lainnya...*buru2 buka youtube*

  4. Ka ayes cara pesen judith palette nya gimana siih? Dr website bh nya yaa? Bayar delivery costnya mahal gakk? Aku mau jugaaa tp gangerti huahahaha :"

  5. Love this post! Very helpful! Thanks to you, I discover Youtube gurus other than the French ones :D

  6. WAH I also love Beautifymeeh! I love how she edits her video and her personality seems so nice too <3
    By the way I nominated your blog for the Liebster Blog Award ^_^ Please kindly check my post here :

  7. kalo aku suka sama banyak beauty guru kak, soalnya setiap orang mewakili karakterku yang beda-beda, hehe :D
    1. michelle phan, karena dia asia tenggara dan warna kulit hampir sama lah kayak orang indonesia. dan dia punya job yang selama ini jadi 'my dream job' belum lagi perjuangan dia dari nol sampe gede kayak sekarang itu menginspirasi banget
    2. bubzbeauty, soalnya dia punya good personality, down to earth, funny, dan punya muka chubby, samalah kayak aku :p
    3. gossmakeupartist, goss wayne ini dia belajar makeup otodidak tapi jadi makeup artist hebat, tips-tipsnya membantu banget dan gampang diikuti.
    4. lisaeldrige, lisa ini kayaknya emang professional makeup artist, jadi cara dia makeup udah pasti jago banget dan dia juga punya 'my dream job' yaitu dandanin model-model catwalk atau majalah.
    5. pony, nah ini yang baru aku temuin di youtube, kayaknya pony itu semacam ulzzang dan udah ngeluarin buku makeup2 juga, kemampuan makeupnya juga bagus, kalo ngasih penjelasan lumayan detail. karena aku termasuk suka sama korean makeup, jadi suka deh sama pony ini.

  8. aku suka anaknya angel: yunwoo, lucu bangetttt >.< *salah fokus hihi

  9. Ahh aku jg suka beautifymeeh hihi thanks for sharing ^^

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  11. Suka banget sama Judy! Apalagi sama vlognya <3